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Guinea pig castration

 Well hello lovelies,

Today I'm gonna tell you all about guinea pig castration. 

As many of you know November last year I got a male guinea pig called Marvin. He was on his own as he was a big boy and had been bullying the others. 

I will get more into their care in another post but guinea pigs should be kept in pairs or groups as they are herd animals. 

It's pretty hard to introduce two non neutered males. It can be done, but there's a high chance you will be left with two guinea pigs, in two separate cages that can't mix. 

If the males are from the same litter and you buy them together. There maybe a little bit fighting but they should be fine together. 

The ideal pairings are either 2 females or a female and a neutered male. I would never recommend breeding guinea pigs, as it can get complicated with the females pelvis fusing and needing a cesarean. An let's face it, there are enough homeless animals with out me making more. 

Anyway sorry side tracked!! 

So I chose to get Marvin neutered so I could get him a wife!! 

He went in 8am three weeks ago this Friday coming and I got him back at 4pm. He was extremely grumpy and not very happy with me lol. 

As guinea pigs need to have 2 incisions to remove the testicles, it means the wounds are rubbing on the floor of their cages. 
His fur is starting to come in now in the above photo. But as you can see he is completely healed, lovely pink colour but still swollen. I will explain that later in the post.

So I had to remove all his bedding and replace with puppy training pads. They recommend news paper or a towel. I used the pads as they are absorbent and disposable. At least if he's sitting in his pee, it won't be as wet as a towel or news paper. As I'm going to admit he's not the brightest lol. 
He has since had sawdust put back in as we thought he was all hunky dory!! This is also his temp cage. we are in the process of building a cage outside with heated floors and everything. So don't panic. I know this is a small cage for  pig! but its only for a short while.

So as his wounds are rubbing on the floor, he has a higher chance of infection and as his testicles are inside is body. With there being a void now there is a higher chance of abscesses. 

To prevent infection and abscesses, along with his pain killers he is also on antibiotics. Pain relief is once a day and antibiotics is twice a day. 

Guinea pigs like rabbits need to have theirs guts moving constantly. This means they continuously eat. Since they stop for an hour or so while getting castrated. You also receive a paste which he needs to be fed 6 times a day. Now I haven't used this as he has been eating fine, all his veggies, hay and any treats. But it's important to watch closely as if they aren't eating you need to be feeding them this paste and possible taking them back to the vets!! If their guts stop altogether it can be fatal. 

Marvin was down on Saturday for a post op check and one of wounds had slightly came undone. So they took him back and glued it again. The wound wasn't red or inflamed so he wasn't chewing and licking it. It was just with him moving about. 

It's important to restrict their movement as much as possible. So Marvin hasn't been in his pen. I've kept him in his cage. 

I have been checking him twice daily and everything seems to be going fine. 

It also takes up to 6 weeks for him to become totally infertile. So it will be June before I even think about getting him a wife. 

Phew that's a bit of a long post lol. 

I hope this helps anyone with s guinea pig, and if anyone has any questions I'd be happy to answer. 

There is a great YouTube channel called Pets Palace Tv. The girl Erin who runs it has lots of guinea pigs and has lots of good info on them. 

Speak soon!! 
L x


It is three weeks later. Marvin in his self is doing great. Running about, eating, drinking and pooing. But on his left side he has a lump. Now I'm not sure about it, as it has never really went away since he got his op. I think it may be the start of an abscess. However I am phoning the vets tomorrow, so I will update you all on that!!


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