Saturday, 14 March 2015

A Little Life Update

Well hello lovelies!!

I am very sorry I haven't been blogging all of last week!

I'm not sure if we had a bug or food poisoning. But we were all dying!!
It started on Monday night with Holly throwing up at about 10pm, then mark threw up at 11:30pm and I had tummy pains from about 1am on wards. No sickness for me which was a plus I suppose!!

It didn't help that at 11am on Tuesday, we had a mortgage adviser coming over for  chat!! I bet the poor man has been ill since!! We are currently trying to buy our house from the owner as we currently rent. The owner wants to sell which is awesome, Its just trying to get the first time mortgage that's a bit painful.

But I am all back to normal now and I will be back to blogging as of now!! lol

Speak soon my lovelies!

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