Sunday, 22 February 2015

Slimming World - Sweet Potato Curry Review

Well hello lovelies!!

I am back today with a review on Slimming Worlds Sweet Potato Curry!
I love the packaging!! It just looks like a high quality food. It also looks authentic. 
The picture of the curry is a good representation of the cooked product.



This can be cooked in the microwave for 11mins for easy or 40-45 at 180c in the oven. 

I really like this dish personally. I would eat this possibly with a bit of chicken and rice mixed in. An if I was being really healthy. I could eat this with just rice. 

There's is 30% chargrilled sweet potato and 70% not chargrilled. Don't quote me! I might have worked that out wrong. Either way there is some chargrilled and some not. There is also red peppers which again some are chargrilled and some not, along with spinach and curry spices. 

Normally curry would be thickened with cream. But this has been thickened with fat free yogurt. 

Overall flavour is a mild curry which has a building heat. But it doesn't get too hot which I like. The potatoes are soft with a lovely sweet curry flavour. The red peppers have a slight crunch to them and the spinach is soft. The sauce has a kind of pulpy texture to it. 

Overall I think this is a really nice product. There are lots of Syn free foods you can eat with this. If you are on extra easy, any lean meat is free :) 

I specially like this as its frozen. Which means all the vitamin's are kept in the food for longer. 

Let me know if anyone has tried this and what you think. 

Speak soon lovelies
L x

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