Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Slimming World - Roasted Veg Pasta

Well hello lovelies,

Today I have my second Slimming World review for you all. Roasted Veg Pasta. 

I must say I don't like this packaging as much as the sweet potato curry. I think this packaging looks a bit cheap and could be doing with a bit more colour.  However I do think the food on the packaging is a good representation of the actual product. 

This is the raw presentation. Because of the way it is produced, there will be some pasta round the sides that look dry with most of the veg and sauce in the middle. This will be fine once it's cooked and mixed. As you can see there are red and yellow roasted peppers, along with roasted courgette and baby plum tomatoes. Then there is spiral pasta with a tomato sauce. 

As you can see it looks lovely. Cooking instructions are microwave 800watt 11mins and fan oven 180c for 40mins. I have tried both cooking methods and think that the oven is best for this product. However there is nothing wrong with the microwave option. Plus it's quick and easy which is the whole point in this range. 

Overall a very nice product. Pasta is tender, veg is soft with a slight crunch. The past sauce is tomato flavoured which is slightly acidic with banknotes of herbs. 

I couldn't eat this on its own. I think I would pair this with some of the Syn free meatballs or Syn free sausages. 

I hope you all enjoyed this review and let me know what you think when you try it. 

L x

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