Friday, 6 February 2015

My Planner

Well hello lovelies!!!

Today I'm going to show you all my planner. I'm not totally happy with this one. I don't think it's big enough. I just haven't found one yet at a decent price that I like. Don't get me wrong I LOVE the  Erin Condren one but I'm not paying that amount for a planner!! 
It's is a witches date book, I'm really quite interested in Wicca. Mainly because it's so different to other religions and they are quite close to nature, which you all know I love!!

Before I get sticker happy, it looks like this. 
I like how this planner gives you moon phases, colours of the day, which star sign we are in and then it give a whole lot of info for that month, i.e this months is about Magha Purnima in India. People have a bath in what they believe is blessed water, ie rivers and they believe it washes away negativity. You never know what pub quiz you will be in and that might be the wining answer!! 

Anyway sorry. I side tracked!! 

This is what it looks like on s busy week!
Shopping lists, what the weather was like, what bills are due out that day, anything I want to get done that day and what blog views I have had. 

I have ordered washi tape from a lovely store called stickylilsuckers. An I need to say that the customer service from this shop is amazing and I would highly recommend to get your washi tape from here!! I will do an update in a couple of months to show you all how I've done that. 

I only started to use a planner last year, to keep track of bills coming out and the lack of money going in lol. But I actually really enjoyed using it!! An then recently found this whole new community that decorate their planners like scrap books!! And we all know how much I like to DIY things!!! 

So I hope yous enjoyed this post. Let me know what you all do with your planners. Tweet me @workingmumy 

Speak soon 
L x

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