Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Entertaining Your Child At The Doctors

Well hello lovelies!!!

I have been introduced to the company Bankers Healthcare Group, and I'd like to do a post on what would make my experience of going to the doctors with a toddler more enjoyable.

Before I get into anything else in this post. I want to make clear that I am not being sponsored for this post in anyway shape or form.  I've been inspired to do this to help other mothers and that is the only reason I am taking part. I think it can be hard at times to take children to any type of health care facility and I would like to help with that.

This company are based in New York and have offices in Florida. They give physician loans to medical practitioners for expanding the company and consolidating debt, as well as a few other options. Check out their website here!

They also have a blog with a wealth of health information in it that I found quite interesting. You can check that out here!

Lets get started!!

When Holly was a baby, I had no problem going out with her. Whether that be to the shops or to the doctors as she would just sleep in her buggy. Now that she is a toddler, well things have changed in that she doesn't want to be strapped into a buggy now. She wants to be out exploring things, touching things and talking to people.

I found that all of a sudden going to the doctors or dentist was very difficult and I would rather have two of us there than take her with me on my own and that's wrong. You should be made to feel comfortable where every you take your child.

At our local health centre it can be busy and sometimes you can't even get a seat. So you are left to stand and chase your child around ill people, who are more than with in their right to be getting annoyed with a child screaming and running around their legs!

There is no play area for her to go into to keep her entertained while she waits. I do usually have my phone with me which I can put cartoons on for her. However if you can't get a seat, I don't want her to run off with my phone.

Here are a few things in my opinion which would help a lot while in the waiting room.

Having a cornered off play area
This way even if there was a long waiting time (like there always is) and there was no seats left. You could go in here with your child and keep them entertained and out from under peoples legs!

Possibly having a area pacifically for parents and children
Parents without kids don't understand what its like to try and keep a bored toddler from running a riot. When waiting a long period of time and Holly gets bored, I dread the tuts and stares when she starts to scream. This area would be just for parents and kids where us parents could all cry together while our kids run free!

Possibly having doctor who take children as a priority
This would be the best solution I think if you have to go to the health centre to see a doctor. There should be a list of two or three doctors that take parents and kids as a priority. That way you are in and out. No screaming children and everyone is happy.

Free doctor call outs to the house for children under 10 years of age
This in my opinion would be the perfect solution! At the moment, if you get a doctor call out to your house, you get charged. I think anyone with a child under 10 years old should get a free doctors call out. That way if you have an ill grumpy child, they have their own toys to keep them entertained, you don't have to struggle with a screaming child to get them dressed or into a jacket and no issues if the start a screaming fit.

However that is all in an ideal world, and my world is not ideal!

At the moment if I am going to see a doctor with an ill and grumpy holly, They don't have a toy area and the waiting area is particularly small. So not only do I need to entertain her while I wait in a queue of people to see a doctor (lets face it we are never taken on time), She is most likely going to leave with some sort of other bug due to a lot of ill people in a confined space.

Here are some suggestions on how to keep them entertained

Take an iPad or have cartoons on your phone
This is my number one option. Therese nothing better than a good Disney movie to keep her occupied

Take a book
I'm lucky as Holly also like to be read to. So I let her pick a book and we sit and read till its either time to go in or she gets bored.

Take your kids favourite toy
If all else fails I have her favourite toy in her bag.

My very last option is to take her to a quieter area of the health centre and let her run about a little more there.

What do you do to entertain your child at the Health centre?
Let me know any suggestions you have that I could try out on Holly next time we are at the doctors.

Speak soon Lovelies


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