Friday, 23 January 2015

Rocky The Tv Cat

Well Hello Lovelies,

You all will have seen a post I done a few days ago called Lets Save Rocky The Cat . 

Well it is with a heavy heart I tell you all tonight, poor Rocky had to be put to sleep this afternoon.
Basically his cancer had just got too bad and he was dying. His owner  
tried her best to raise as much money as she needed for him. But in the end it was best that he be put to sleep. The little guy is in pain no more :)

On a brighter note, @l raised a whopping £1,274 for him!! This will be split between his cremation costs and @PDSA_HQ . Everyone involved done an awesome job of raising awareness for this cat. Some of these people were  @CircleOfThePaws   and  
 There were a lot more people who retweeted and I could possible list them all!! So a big thanks to everyone who helped!!

Also  done a full story on him yesterday and put his donation page up on their website, which I am sure helped a lot as well. Here is the online version

Here is his donation page incase anyone would still like to donate.

Also one last big thanks to @TheDickVet  . These amazing people were going to be performing Rocky's treatment.

Well Lovelies, I hope you all have a great weekend
Speak Soon

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