Saturday, 10 January 2015

Lets Save Rocky The Cat!

Well hello lovelies!!

If you have been following my twitter account @workingmumy, you will have seen that I have been posting a lot about helping a cat out.  Cats are extremely close to my heart, an I just feel like we need to help this guy out as much as we can. His name is Rocky, he is ginger and white and is 8 years old. Lets just say he has been through a lot!!

Here is his donation page:

And here is his story!!

AS helped by david at Cat Protection League . Rocky the cat is an 8 year old tabby, he was just diagnosed with cancer after feeling unwell before xmas and has cancer is his leg which has spread the his lymphnode, it cant be treated with amputation now but his life can be prolonged with chemotherapy at the vet school (dick vet) in Edinburgh, Scotland as the PDSA are a charity & they cant do this

I am currently seeking urgent funds for rocky and need to have him have his life with me for a while longer and this has really been upsetting as I am at moment feeding him with liquid food through a syringe

Your contributions would really help to save his life as rocky was seen on a tv show on sky one twin towns and had a little music video done too which is on here and you tube search rocky the cat twin towns

you can also follow Rocky on Twitter @rockythetvcat

any help would be gratefully recieved


Mrs Stephens & Rocky The Cat

A Bot More On Rocky

Rocky 8 years ago was found lying dying after being hit with a car 8 years ago and cat charities helped me raise funds as no one claimed him and he would not be here if it were not for generousity of others and he has been with me ever since and to lose him now would be devastating as he also has a sisiter ying yang who misses him being his old self

one year ago Rocky & ying yang was saved by fire fighters from our home when there was a stair fire over a year ago and the smoke poured into our family home, thanks goodness for fire services

I truly believe he has nine lives

His Name Is Rocky (Like The Movie), A Fighter

Please Help Him Fight This Dreadful Cancer By Donating Towards His Chemotherapy.

If you do not have pay pal please contact me directly as we can run with cheques,any payment is a blessing

Thank You.

I have 3 cats of my own. I would  hate to have this happen and I would hope that people would find it in their hearts to help out!

All it takes is £1, $1 or €1. Every penny helps!! 

Please, lets get this cat to £2000!

Speak soon lovelies
L x

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