Thursday, 15 January 2015

How To Deal With A Toddler Tantrum

Well Hello Lovelies!!

Today I wanted to talk to you all about the dreaded toddler tantrums *in big deep scary echoy voice*

Holly is now nearly 2 and lets just say she has her tantrums down! Most days she is absolutely amazing. However like all kids she has her moments and she always picks the worst times. Either when I'm in a rush or in a really crowded place.

Here is how I deal with them in my house:

Normally I can tell when a tantrum is about to happen. She has a tell sign. Normal she will start to get frustrated, then she will hiss at you or give a little scream and try to hit you. Then it all just goes crazy!

When this happens, I start by asking her if she wants to go to bed. If it continues I take her to her bed. I will wait outside the door till she stops screaming, count to 10 then go back into her room. If she starts screaming when she sees me again. I will leave and wait till she stops screaming, then count to 10 and go back into her.

I continue to do this till she calms down. This works a treat now and most times after the first time she calms down.

Here is how I deal with it outside:

Im gonna be honest here in public you can't do much more than let it run its course. I have seen us having to leave a shop or restaurant.

I know it can be annoying to have to sit and listen to some kid screaming. But if you give into them, they will run all over you.

If she starts when we are out, I normally take her somewhere thats quiet. Outside is a great option as there is lots to distract her and take her mind of what she wants. Some time I go into a restroom. Again I try to distract her with something else.

The best tip I have is try to distract them with something else. Thats why outside is a great option, as there are lots of things to catch her attention. Oh and don't give into them. Be strong and hold your ground!

I hope this helps :)
Let me know what you thing.

Speak soon lovelies x

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