Wednesday, 21 January 2015

A New Fav Film

Well Hello Lovelies,

For some reason Monsters Inc is Hollys new fav film!

She has watched this film 1000 times before (its one of my favs) and she has never really noticed it. But over the last week, its the only thing she will watch. Frozen has finally been replace! I am all Frozend out! I could tell you the script backwards I have watched it that many times!

It amazing how big she is getting. She will be 2 in February. But I still just can't believe how grown up she is. I think I think of her still has a baby because she can't speak properly yet. She can say words and sounds but not proper sentences yet.

But I forget, she understands everything that is being said to her!! An I noticed this most when she started to love Monsters Inc. She actually laughs her head off when Boo is hiding in the toilets from Sully, Or when Mike is trying to make her laugh but she doesn't see. I can hear her laughing when I am in the living room!!

When Waternoose comes on and it trying to get Boo, when you realise he's actually a bad guy. She hisses at the iPad!

Its small things like this that remind me how fast she is growing. It makes me very emotional lol. I am happy she is healthy and growing up and we will soon be able to have conversations with her. But at the same time I am sad as she really isn't a baby anymore.

Does anyone surprise you on a daily basis?

Speak soon

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