Thursday, 29 January 2015

My PlayList

Well hello lovelies

Today I thought I'd do a blog on my playlist :) let you all know a little more about me :) and my weird music taste!!
So as you can see, it's mostly pop with a little bit of rock. My actual music list ranges from pop to rock to RnB to dance. I like a good mixture. But at the moment the above is my go to list when I'm driving. There is actually one missing which I love!! Sophie Habibs singing livin on a prayer. 
Does anyone remember her from the xfactor? She was one of Kelly's, I'm sure. Give her a follow here @sophiehabibis. 

I also have doc mcstuffings and jake and the neverland pirates. Oh and frozen. Who doesn't have frozen. That's all on hollys playlist though. Infact let me know if yous are interested in that :) I can post that one too. 

Let me know what you are all listening to just now. 

Speak soon lovelies
L x

Monday, 26 January 2015

My Etsy Shop!!

Well hello lovelies,

I have opened an Etsy shop!!

At the moment i only have 1 listing on it, which is this phone case!!
This is for an iPhone 6 plus. But it can be made in any colours for any phone :)

I have a whole lot of ideas for the shop. Terrariums, clips for baby or toddlers hair, more phone cases, cases for iPads, kindles or game devices. I can jazz up converse shoes!! Ohhhh I have so much whizzy around my head just now!!

I could even decopach a whole lot of stuff! Letter animals, trinket boxes.

Please go have a look here

Let me know what you think please :)

Speak soon lovelies

Friday, 23 January 2015

Rocky The Tv Cat

Well Hello Lovelies,

You all will have seen a post I done a few days ago called Lets Save Rocky The Cat . 

Well it is with a heavy heart I tell you all tonight, poor Rocky had to be put to sleep this afternoon.
Basically his cancer had just got too bad and he was dying. His owner  
tried her best to raise as much money as she needed for him. But in the end it was best that he be put to sleep. The little guy is in pain no more :)

On a brighter note, @l raised a whopping £1,274 for him!! This will be split between his cremation costs and @PDSA_HQ . Everyone involved done an awesome job of raising awareness for this cat. Some of these people were  @CircleOfThePaws   and  
 There were a lot more people who retweeted and I could possible list them all!! So a big thanks to everyone who helped!!

Also  done a full story on him yesterday and put his donation page up on their website, which I am sure helped a lot as well. Here is the online version

Here is his donation page incase anyone would still like to donate.

Also one last big thanks to @TheDickVet  . These amazing people were going to be performing Rocky's treatment.

Well Lovelies, I hope you all have a great weekend
Speak Soon

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

A New Fav Film

Well Hello Lovelies,

For some reason Monsters Inc is Hollys new fav film!

She has watched this film 1000 times before (its one of my favs) and she has never really noticed it. But over the last week, its the only thing she will watch. Frozen has finally been replace! I am all Frozend out! I could tell you the script backwards I have watched it that many times!

It amazing how big she is getting. She will be 2 in February. But I still just can't believe how grown up she is. I think I think of her still has a baby because she can't speak properly yet. She can say words and sounds but not proper sentences yet.

But I forget, she understands everything that is being said to her!! An I noticed this most when she started to love Monsters Inc. She actually laughs her head off when Boo is hiding in the toilets from Sully, Or when Mike is trying to make her laugh but she doesn't see. I can hear her laughing when I am in the living room!!

When Waternoose comes on and it trying to get Boo, when you realise he's actually a bad guy. She hisses at the iPad!

Its small things like this that remind me how fast she is growing. It makes me very emotional lol. I am happy she is healthy and growing up and we will soon be able to have conversations with her. But at the same time I am sad as she really isn't a baby anymore.

Does anyone surprise you on a daily basis?

Speak soon

Monday, 19 January 2015

Healthy Breakfast Part 1 - Rivita, Mediterranean Tomato Spread And A Banana

IWell hello lovelies,

I decided to do some separate posts on healthy breakfasts that I love!! Possibly 3 in total! 

Today's one is Rivita, cheese spread and bananas. 
My fav is Mediterranean Rivita with Mediterranean tomato Philadelphia cheese spread. 
Two of these with a small banana 
I love this breakfast. There's no preparation the night before needed, it's quick and easy and it keeps me going till lunch. An if it doesn't just have another Rivita or banana :)

Let me know if you try it. An let me know your fav brekkie. 

Speak soon lovelies 
L x

Thursday, 15 January 2015

How To Deal With A Toddler Tantrum

Well Hello Lovelies!!

Today I wanted to talk to you all about the dreaded toddler tantrums *in big deep scary echoy voice*

Holly is now nearly 2 and lets just say she has her tantrums down! Most days she is absolutely amazing. However like all kids she has her moments and she always picks the worst times. Either when I'm in a rush or in a really crowded place.

Here is how I deal with them in my house:

Normally I can tell when a tantrum is about to happen. She has a tell sign. Normal she will start to get frustrated, then she will hiss at you or give a little scream and try to hit you. Then it all just goes crazy!

When this happens, I start by asking her if she wants to go to bed. If it continues I take her to her bed. I will wait outside the door till she stops screaming, count to 10 then go back into her room. If she starts screaming when she sees me again. I will leave and wait till she stops screaming, then count to 10 and go back into her.

I continue to do this till she calms down. This works a treat now and most times after the first time she calms down.

Here is how I deal with it outside:

Im gonna be honest here in public you can't do much more than let it run its course. I have seen us having to leave a shop or restaurant.

I know it can be annoying to have to sit and listen to some kid screaming. But if you give into them, they will run all over you.

If she starts when we are out, I normally take her somewhere thats quiet. Outside is a great option as there is lots to distract her and take her mind of what she wants. Some time I go into a restroom. Again I try to distract her with something else.

The best tip I have is try to distract them with something else. Thats why outside is a great option, as there are lots of things to catch her attention. Oh and don't give into them. Be strong and hold your ground!

I hope this helps :)
Let me know what you thing.

Speak soon lovelies x

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

A Winter Wonder Land

Well hello lovelies!!

It has finally snowen here in scotland!!! Can I get a WOOOHOOOO!! 

This year is the first year holly has been able to play in the snow. She was only 11 months this time last year and she couldn't walk or play much in it. But this year!!! Omg I can't keep her in. We are out in the snow at like 9pm at night. It's just redic! But she loves being outside, so I can't complain!

This was the first time it snowed a couple of day ago now. An it has snowed tonight again. Fingers crossed for more!! 
Her little cat hat is from next £10
The pink owl snow suit is from zulilly and it was £19. She did have gloves just not in this pic and they came with the hat. Also her hello kitty wellies in the other pic were £5 from dechmond. 

I'm actually thinking of getting the frozen ones from next!! Love the blue and purple colours. 

This was a puddle at the end of our drive. I actually thought her welly was gonna come off lol but it didn't we were ok! Lol

I hope you are all well and we will speak soon lovelies 
L x

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Lets Save Rocky The Cat!

Well hello lovelies!!

If you have been following my twitter account @workingmumy, you will have seen that I have been posting a lot about helping a cat out.  Cats are extremely close to my heart, an I just feel like we need to help this guy out as much as we can. His name is Rocky, he is ginger and white and is 8 years old. Lets just say he has been through a lot!!

Here is his donation page:

And here is his story!!

AS helped by david at Cat Protection League . Rocky the cat is an 8 year old tabby, he was just diagnosed with cancer after feeling unwell before xmas and has cancer is his leg which has spread the his lymphnode, it cant be treated with amputation now but his life can be prolonged with chemotherapy at the vet school (dick vet) in Edinburgh, Scotland as the PDSA are a charity & they cant do this

I am currently seeking urgent funds for rocky and need to have him have his life with me for a while longer and this has really been upsetting as I am at moment feeding him with liquid food through a syringe

Your contributions would really help to save his life as rocky was seen on a tv show on sky one twin towns and had a little music video done too which is on here and you tube search rocky the cat twin towns

you can also follow Rocky on Twitter @rockythetvcat

any help would be gratefully recieved


Mrs Stephens & Rocky The Cat

A Bot More On Rocky

Rocky 8 years ago was found lying dying after being hit with a car 8 years ago and cat charities helped me raise funds as no one claimed him and he would not be here if it were not for generousity of others and he has been with me ever since and to lose him now would be devastating as he also has a sisiter ying yang who misses him being his old self

one year ago Rocky & ying yang was saved by fire fighters from our home when there was a stair fire over a year ago and the smoke poured into our family home, thanks goodness for fire services

I truly believe he has nine lives

His Name Is Rocky (Like The Movie), A Fighter

Please Help Him Fight This Dreadful Cancer By Donating Towards His Chemotherapy.

If you do not have pay pal please contact me directly as we can run with cheques,any payment is a blessing

Thank You.

I have 3 cats of my own. I would  hate to have this happen and I would hope that people would find it in their hearts to help out!

All it takes is £1, $1 or €1. Every penny helps!! 

Please, lets get this cat to £2000!

Speak soon lovelies
L x

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Home Made Bird Food

Well hello lovelies,

Have you ever wondered what to do with all the horrible grease from your chip pan/frier or from you grill pan?? Well don't throw it out or wash it away. Make it into bird food. 

All you need is:

Bird food (seed or peanuts or sunflower seeds)
A big bowl 
Something to put it in  

This is so easy I have no idea why I didn't do this before!!

Empty all you grease into a container or bowl, empty you bird seed in and mix!! 

Mix till its a really stiff mix, like your arm is hurting from all the mixing now and it getting hard to stir. 

Spoon it into your preferred bird feeder(I just put mine straight into my bird station.

And voila all done. 

However, it's not the birds that eat it at my house 
 It's good for the animals. Specially in the winter as its full of fat to help their weight and keep them warm. 

Hope you all enjoyed!! 

Speak soon lovelies x