Monday, 22 December 2014

How To Make A Fork Bow

Well hello lovelies!!

I learnt how to do this via lots of pictures on Instagram. It's so easy and I wish I had know about his ages ago. It would have made card making a lot easier!!! 

Here is step by step how to make a fork bow!!

First you will need a fork and some ribbon. As you can see, my ribbon is just slighly shorter than my fork. 

Next all you do is wrap the ribbon round the fork. Make sure the back part is at the bottom and slight longer than the front part,which is the short top part. 

Take the bottom long part and pull it over the front and through the middle fork. 
At the back of the fork, take the part which you have just passed through the top middle and pull it over the top and through the bottom middle fork. 
This is what it will look like when u pass it through the bottom. 
Pull both parts to the middle
Tie in a tight knot. This is the back of the bow. So make sure before u tighten it up to fiddle so that it's all facing the right way. 
The front after the knot has been tied. 
Ta daaaaaaaaaaaa!! A bow fork!!! 

I hope that all makes sence for you :) let me know if u trie it out :) 

Speak soon lovelies!! 
L x


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    1. Thanks. You should give it a try. I wish i had knowen about it when i first started to make cards. :)