Friday, 5 December 2014

Christmas Craft part 2

Well hello lovelies!!

I have another lovely Christmasy craft for you all today. 

It's a snowman wreath!!! For your front door or where ever you would like to hand him! 

All of these products came from Hobby Craft. 

Here's what you will need
1 medium wicker wreath
1 small wicker wreath £1.50
Thick ribbon (for his scarf) - normally £2 each but was in offer 3 for 2
Black card
Hot glue gun £7.00
Battery operated lights £3.00
Any little decorations you would like to add. 

You can buy all of the above from most craft stores. So if you don't have a hobby craft near you, don't worry :) 

First you will want to use your string to attach the head and body wreaths together. All I done was wrap it around and tied it in a knot. I then hot glued the knot to keep it firm. 

Then I wrapped my ribbon around the joins to make it look like a scarf hot glue some dots to make sure it sticks in place. This will cover the join between the two. 

Next I sketched out a hat on to two sheets of black card, cut them out and glued them together. This will be sturdy enough for where I'm placing him. But if it will be hit by the winter elements, you might want to put a layer of a glue mix over. I will put my glue mix recipe at the bottom. 

Hot glue your hat into position. I have mine to the side. 

Next I added a little robin to his shoulder

Wrapped round some lights that are battery operated and switched him on. 

These lights are also from Hobby Craft for only £3.00. You can have the coloured ones like mine or the White ones. These can stay static or flash. Which ever you prefere :)

Glue mix recipe
Half PVC glue
Half water

It's not actually my recipe, it's art attacks lol 

I hope you all enjoyed my other little art project. If any of you want to make it add me on Twitter @workingmumy and #snowmanwreath so I can see your lovely creations :)

Speak soon lovelies. 
L x