Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Christmas Craft Part 1

Well hello my lovelies,

Long time no speak!!!

Today I'm going to share with you all a great Christmas craft!! It's easy, cheap and the kids can help!!! 
This here is my decopache Christmas tree. I have done a post on decopache before for Hollys door name. Check out the post after this :)

I got all my stuff from Hobby Craft. 
The tree was £20
The decopache paper was £3.00 each. If you watch for the sales, you can normally get buy 3 for 2!! 
I use a small paint brush. You can buy them from hobby craft also. They range in price depending if you get the large ones or small. 
The glue was £4.00. But you can make your own with equal measures of PVA glue and water. Then I also glossed it. You don't need to I just felt the shine was better for Christmas. 
You can also buy glitter glue for £4.00. But you could also make your own by just adding in some extra glitter to your home made glue mix. 

All you are doing is taring up pieces of paper and gluing them on. 

To decorate it more I used some Christmas card making stickers on it. Then glued on some small bits of tinsel. 

What do u all think?? 

I let Holly help glue on the paper. It's the first arty thing I have let her help with and she loved it!!

Also if you join the Hobby Craft club you get a card that will track what you buy and send you vouchers for them and you get 20% off you next buy!! 

This is no way a sponsered post!! I just love Hobby Craft!! 

Let me know what you all think :)
Speak soon lovelies
L x

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  1. Such a nice idea. Love it.

    Xx Anne