Thursday, 18 September 2014

The Little Things In Life

Well hello lovelies

Recently everything's just been getting too much. I'm either rushing to work because I've slept in because I've been up studying (there's a reason I didn't go to uni!) or I'm rushing to pick holly up because I'm late because I've been trying to squeeze in housework. 

Then today my mum and dad flew out to floridly for 2 weeks. Now I'm happy for them they can go away on holiday, then kind of jelous because I love love love Florida and sad because I'm super close to them an I hardly ever go a day with out seeing one of them. They will still txted me and phone me but it just not the same. 

So today I was super late for work as I stopped to smell the roses (or take photos) of these
This morning I thought these were spider webs. But I found out tonight they could be from caterpillars!! 

Then when I came home from work I found this monster, who btw I have been searching for for weeks now. I first seen him on the 16th of August. 
I couldn't capture him though as I again was in a rush to be somewhere. I think he's a puss puss moth but I'm not sure. Once he turns in one I will release him back into the wild :) I just wanna know what he is :). 

Well speak soon lovelies. 
L x

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