Wednesday, 3 September 2014


Well hello lovelies!!

Even thought here in Scotland it still have been about 18c this week so far, I though is do a September post and let everyone know what I'm looking forward to. 

1. Big jumpers, leggings and uggs. This is my go to out fit in the autum!! And especially on those dry chilly mornings. 

2. Early morning walks - I love these! Specially when you get the frost first thing. I can't wait to take Holly with me this year! 

3. Winter candle scents! - Yankee candle has it's winter scents in! My most fav Christmas cookie, Christmas Eve and candy cane lane!! Mmmmmm

4. Home made soups- nothing better than cuddling up with blanket and soup in a cup. 
And last but not least.......

5. The dark cold nights - I just love looking out and it's cold but I'm all cozy with some hot chocolate, blanket and a book :)

What's are you all most looking forward to this month? 

Speak soon lovelies  
L x

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  1. I love autumn scents! soups and cakes with apples and cinnamon!