Tuesday, 16 September 2014

A Little Technology Haul

Well hello lovelies,

As most of you already know, I am studying for my advanced level 4 food hygiene qualification. I am currently half way through assignment 2 :) 

But I need a laptop or desktop to be able to do some stuff online. At the moment we currently have a mac desktop and a sony laptop. But the problem with those are that, one I don't actually have a desk to sit at. The desktop is at the bottom of the bed and it's used for Marks football manager or movies and I hate the sony laptop. I am used to using macs as that's what I've pretty much had for years now. But mark wanted a sony laptop so he got one. 

But as you all know we are a working family with two children and all of our money goes on them. So today my mum and dad treated us to some lovely new toys :) 

First a new mac book pro!!! This is perfect for my course I'm doing!! Am I'm sure if Mark is good, I might let him use it :) 

An Apple TV!! We currently are only able to watch our movies on the mac upstairs in bed or on our iPad. But now we can stream them to the tv! How cool is that!! It will be perfect for the kids watching stuff from the iPad on the big tv instead of squinting at the iPad!! 

What do you guys prefere? Windows or Mac?? 

Speak soon lovelies :) 
L x

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