Tuesday, 30 September 2014

YouTube role models

Well hello lovelies,

I have posted about YouTube before. But I wanted to have another, let's say moan about YouTube lol. 

I have seen some posts recently on younger youtuber channels. About how they have posted some thing. Either a photo of them in their bikini or a video of them out drinking. They have actually complained about the nasty comments people have left. 

The reason I sound surprised at this, is because they are surprised that people disapprove!! 

I know as a 26 year old mother and I don't class myself as particularly old, I wouldn't want my young, impressionable daughter to look up to some of these young adults. 

They always bang on about how they are just normal people too and how they have a life outside YouTube and that people request them to vlog, then abuse them because of their content. 

What I personally think they don't understand is sometimes they are doing stuff that is not appropriate for younger viewers. Now I'm not saying don't wear a bikini or go out, that's not what I'm getting at. I just think that posting a picture of you in a very small (porn star bikini in my opinion) is extremely inappropriate for younger viewers. I'm not saying don't celebrate or embrace your body. I am saying there is a time and place for it and social media isn't it. 

The same goes for the ones who are vlogging themselves out drinking. Why do they think that that is appropriate footage for a young kid to see. To think it's ok to go out with a short see your breakfast skirt on and fall out of a club at drunk at stuipd o'clock, is ok for younger people to see and look up to. Again I'm not saying don't do it. Either have class about it or don't put it on social media. 

These people have put themselves in the position for young boys and girls to look up to and they are doing inappropriate things. So if you put yourself out there. Don't moan about the criticism!! You put yourself in the position for people to look up to you, so act in a classy manner that you would want your kids to act like. Act like someone you would want your kid to look up too. 

I am really annoyed at the moment with some of the youtubers they have just got some content on there channels so wrong. Have a life on the camera. But also have one off the camera I say. 

What do you all think??

Speak soon lovelies. 
L x

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Little life update

Well hello lovelies,

Long time no speak!!

Recently I have just totally been snowed under! I can't wait for everything to return to normal. 

As you all know my parents are away to the USA for 2 weeks, so I have been going through to theirs at night to look after their animals. Then there's trying to study for this course I'm doing plus finding time to write all the assignments that's comes with it. Inbetween that, I lost my own rabbit last week, I obviously still need to look after my animals, housework, Holly and working full time. Plus this week mark is working right through till next Friday!!! So I am totally on my own lol. Oh an I still need to clean out the inside of my car! Lol

But after all that moaning here is some of the good stuff. I might be getting guniea pigs :) , Holly actually said hello on the phone the other morning and mark will be off for 4 days at the end of next week. 

Here also are some photos of from during the week. 
Chocolate face eating brekkie
Floating in the bath. 
The lovely views on my way to Wales for work. 
This one I got board at lunch time hahaha

I hope you are all doing well. 

Speak soon lovelies
L x

Thursday, 18 September 2014

The Little Things In Life

Well hello lovelies

Recently everything's just been getting too much. I'm either rushing to work because I've slept in because I've been up studying (there's a reason I didn't go to uni!) or I'm rushing to pick holly up because I'm late because I've been trying to squeeze in housework. 

Then today my mum and dad flew out to floridly for 2 weeks. Now I'm happy for them they can go away on holiday, then kind of jelous because I love love love Florida and sad because I'm super close to them an I hardly ever go a day with out seeing one of them. They will still txted me and phone me but it just not the same. 

So today I was super late for work as I stopped to smell the roses (or take photos) of these
This morning I thought these were spider webs. But I found out tonight they could be from caterpillars!! 

Then when I came home from work I found this monster, who btw I have been searching for for weeks now. I first seen him on the 16th of August. 
I couldn't capture him though as I again was in a rush to be somewhere. I think he's a puss puss moth but I'm not sure. Once he turns in one I will release him back into the wild :) I just wanna know what he is :). 

Well speak soon lovelies. 
L x

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

A Little Technology Haul

Well hello lovelies,

As most of you already know, I am studying for my advanced level 4 food hygiene qualification. I am currently half way through assignment 2 :) 

But I need a laptop or desktop to be able to do some stuff online. At the moment we currently have a mac desktop and a sony laptop. But the problem with those are that, one I don't actually have a desk to sit at. The desktop is at the bottom of the bed and it's used for Marks football manager or movies and I hate the sony laptop. I am used to using macs as that's what I've pretty much had for years now. But mark wanted a sony laptop so he got one. 

But as you all know we are a working family with two children and all of our money goes on them. So today my mum and dad treated us to some lovely new toys :) 

First a new mac book pro!!! This is perfect for my course I'm doing!! Am I'm sure if Mark is good, I might let him use it :) 

An Apple TV!! We currently are only able to watch our movies on the mac upstairs in bed or on our iPad. But now we can stream them to the tv! How cool is that!! It will be perfect for the kids watching stuff from the iPad on the big tv instead of squinting at the iPad!! 

What do you guys prefere? Windows or Mac?? 

Speak soon lovelies :) 
L x

Friday, 12 September 2014

Our Friday Afternoon Stroll

Well hello lovelies!!

Since it was such a nice day today (20c), when I picked I decided we should go for a walk.

We have a cycle path right next to our house which is very popular with dog walkers. So it's always very safe to walk round there on our own. 

Look what we found first, right behind our house. 
Blackberries!!! Lots and lots of them. Well at least I think that's what they are hahaha. 

Holly found this tarmaced part of the bath and she loved walking on it as it was squishy  

We had to stop for refreshments. 

And then she was off again. 

Then we found a squirle. He had a friend but that one jumped away. 

We also found this lovely plant growing in the woods :) 

In all it took about an hour and we were back home. I couldn't get a photo of her but I ended up having to carry her and she fell asleep lol

I hope you all have a great weekend planned. 

Speak soon lovelies. 
L x

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Our Week In Photos 1st Sep-7th Sep14

Well hello lovelies,

Not much happening this week!! Just studying my butt of for this course. Holly's word of the week - oh oh. 

Monday- Harley cat just did not want to get out of bed! 

Tuesday- Holly just loves Harry sooo much. 

Wednesday- my key lime pie for my Macmillan coffee morning. 

Thursday- tickle tickle :)

Friday- pulling cheeky faces 

Saturday- as the SacconeJolyes would say Coooool Dude!! 

Sunday- posing on the decking. 

I hope you have all had a great week and a better week coming. 

Speak soon lovelies 
L x

Saturday, 6 September 2014

What I Am Listening to

Well hello lovelies,

I thought inbetween studying and looking after my small monster, I would tell you all about what's on my playlist I listen to while I study :)

1. The pretty reckless - make me wanna die
2. Taylor swift - 22
3. Busted - 3am
4. The Saturdays - work 
5. Little mix - wings 
6. Jessie j - wild
7. Pixie Lott- what do you take me for 
8.Shakira- waka waka 
9. Jessie j - thunder 
10. Alex goot - this kiss

An obv with being a mummy, Hly had a playlist on my phone too!!! 

1. Hercules - zero to hero
2. Tangled - when will my life begin
3. Doc mcstuffings - time for your check up
4. Bambi - little April showers 
5. Jungle book - I wanna be like you
6. The lion king - I just can't wait to be king
7. Lilo and stitch - Hawaiian roller coaster 
8. Jake and the never land pirates - theme song

Well that's it from us today. Best get my butt back to studying. 

Speak soon lovelies 
L x 

Wednesday, 3 September 2014


Well hello lovelies!!

Even thought here in Scotland it still have been about 18c this week so far, I though is do a September post and let everyone know what I'm looking forward to. 

1. Big jumpers, leggings and uggs. This is my go to out fit in the autum!! And especially on those dry chilly mornings. 

2. Early morning walks - I love these! Specially when you get the frost first thing. I can't wait to take Holly with me this year! 

3. Winter candle scents! - Yankee candle has it's winter scents in! My most fav Christmas cookie, Christmas Eve and candy cane lane!! Mmmmmm

4. Home made soups- nothing better than cuddling up with blanket and soup in a cup. 
And last but not least.......

5. The dark cold nights - I just love looking out and it's cold but I'm all cozy with some hot chocolate, blanket and a book :)

What's are you all most looking forward to this month? 

Speak soon lovelies  
L x

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

My Fav Blogs + A Life Update

Well hello lovelies,

I thought today I would do a little list of my fav blogs and a little life update as things have been really off lately. 

First here are some of my most fav blogs to read on a daily basis. 

Milk Bubble Tea
Her little dog oscar soo cute!! 

Who doesn't love to read or watch this girl?!!! She's everywhere just now!! 

Organised And Decorate Everything
She does amazing craft stuff!

Tatertots And Jello
Some amazing recipes here!

Amazing beauty stuff here!

Hello Gorgeous
Amazing fashion and accessories!

Now for my little life update. Just a small one!! 

Over the last week we have been having issues with a certain someone making false claims about stuff and my head has just not been in the right place. I have been trying to hold it together for Holly but I just feel like I'm suffocating. So I'm sorry but that's why there has been few posts recently. I'm glad to say that it's getting a bit better and I'm gonna try get back into this. However lol I have also started my Advanced Food Safety and Hygiene course. So I won't be able to post everyday as I will be studying for that. But I will try do ever 2 or 3 days. 

I hope you all understand :) have a good week. 

Speak soon lovelies. 
L x

Monday, 1 September 2014

Our week in photos 25th-31stAug14

Well hello lovelies,

Sorry I havent posted much. Been a few dramas this week. But here is Holly's week in photos!!! 

Monday- how do you get ashes of your white cat!! He has been in someone's BBQ. 

Tuesday- Holly was dancing with her ball :) 

Wednesday- playing peekaboo at grans. 

Thursday- we found a new way to sit on our stool!! 

Friday- chilling on her cover and pillow on the floor lol. 

Saturday- Harley just couldn't be bothered to get up. 

Sunday- Holly was super happy to see Harry!! 

I hope you have all had a great week!!
Speak soon lovelies 
L x