Sunday, 24 August 2014

The Ice Bucket Challange

Well hello lovelies,

I know that in America this challange is for ALS. However over here in the uk, MacMillan cancer research has adopted this to get more donations and boy
has it took hold. 

All over Facebook at the moment is this ice bucket Challange. They must be making thousands out of it!!

So I was nominated by my lovely mother. Basically for those who don't know you sit with your feet in cold water, nominate people and get someone to pour freezing cold water over them. This represents what it feels like to have chemotherapy. 

I tell you If that's what people need to go through every week. I feel big time for them. This was by far the worst thing I have done in a while!! 

I can't properly upload the video on here. So here are some screen shots!! I have also donated my £3 to MacMillan cancer.

I now nominate all of you!! Where every you are in the world!! 

Let me know who takes up this Challange! 

Speak soon lovelies 
L x 


  1. Well done! I've already done mine and hated it :)