Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Sweet Potato Salad Recipe

Well hello lovelies!

Recently my mum has turned vegetarian. Well I say recently, it been a few months now. But every time I go for dinner, I get some lovely new veg recipe. 

So today I thought I would share this Sweet Potato Salad Recipe. This is lovely and refreshing for the summer months.

This is very quick and easy to make. So here we go. 

-1 or 2 eggs just depends how much you like eggs :)
-1 large sweet potato
-3 or 4 cherry tomatoes
-handful of green beans
-handful of green lentils 

You will want to boil your eggs. I like mine hard boiled. But this would be nice with soft boiled eggs that have been soft boiled, so you can mix the yolks in. 

Peel and dice up your sweet potatoes I done mine into 1cm cubes. But it's totally up to yourself. These then need drizzled with oil and cooked in the oven at 180c fan until soft. Took mine about 20mins. 

Meanwhile boil up the green beans and lentils until tender. Aprox 10mins I took to do this. 

I then quartered my cherry tomatoes. 

Once all my ingredients were ready, I mixed then together in a large salad bowl a divided up what I had. It served 2. 

Then sliced up my egg and placed on top. 20mins it took to make this, which I thought was quite reasonable. 

Let me know in the comments if you like it!! 

Speak soon lovelies 
L x


  1. This recipe sounds really tasty I will be trying it out soon as I have been eating a lot of salad recently!


  2. Thank you for the recipe!)

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  3. Thanks very much. I will look you up on bloglovin :)