Friday, 29 August 2014

Paprika or Chilli Scrambled Eggs

Well hello lovelies,

I hate just plain eggs. I like my eggs to have a kick. So if I'm making them for us (unless it's holly) then I like to add some other ingredients :D

I love to make scrambled eggs on a bagel, or scrambled eggs with a big breakfast. So I add in either chilli flakes or paprika flakes. 

Here I have my two eggs seasoned with pepper, salt and butter. 
Give them a little whisk and add what ever you like. Here I've added chilli flakes
I mostly do my scrambles in the microwave. Just because it's quick and easy. 2 mins and it's done. 

This was marks breakfast. He wanted sausage on a piece with eggs :) 

I hope you enjoyed

Speak soon lovelies.
L x