Thursday, 21 August 2014

My Little Flower Girl

Well hello lovelies,

So my uncle recently got married and Holly was their flower girl. 

I was really worried as Holly can be very tempramental. She can be great one min and then horrible the next. Just like any 18month old I suppose!! 

However Holly was amazing. She walked down the aisle with the bridesmaid Lindsay and sat at the front with them during the vows. 

She can be very strange with people she rarely sees or hasn't met before. But holly was great! She went up to dance with them at their first dance when they shouted on her. She was giving everyone kisses. She was amazing. I couldn't have asked for her to have done any better. 

Here are some photos of her. 

Has anyone ever really surprised you and you have been really proud of what they have done? 

Speak soon lovelies. 
L x


  1. What a beautiful girl, love her dress!

    I’m following you on Blog Lovin, please follow me back :)

    Fleur x