Friday, 8 August 2014

Holly's Visit To The Kelpies

Well hello lovelies!!

Yesterday we all went a trip to Falkirk to see the Kelpies!!
A kelpie is a Scottish folk lore tail of creatures at sea that look like horses, but have seaweed as mains and seal like skin. But you wouldn't ever be able to tell anyone this, as they lure you into the sea to drown you. So yeah! 

However it's cool, these ones are just metal structures! They are situated in a huge area where there is a big pond to race remote control speed boats, and a huge child play area. 

We didn't actually get to the pond or the park as it started to rain. An I mean it was bouncing off the ground it was raining that hard!

But here are some photos of these lovely structures. 
You can buy tickets to go inside and see the structure but we had the kids. I think that could have been a bit boring for them.

I've heard they are lovely at night as well when they light up. 

Speak soon lovelies <3
L xl

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