Sunday, 3 August 2014

Holly's Fav Dinners

Well hello!!

I thought I'd do a post on what Holly likes for dinner. Considering she is 18months, she eats amazingly well still. I've heard that will change haha but for now she's good :) 

This is a pasta, pine nut and spinach. She loves this for a lunch or dinner. 
Squash, potatoes and carrots. 
Potatoes, gravy with a cauliflower and broccoli cheese. 
Cheese pasta 
Home made chicken curry. 
Cheese pasta, broccoli with cheese on top. 
Pasta boglanase 
Pasta, green pesto and tomatoes. 

Also last night ( I forgot to get a photo) holly had a squash, spinach and cheese garlic sauce pie for her dinner. 

She really isn't a fussy eater. The only thing I can't get her to eat is fish. She hates fish. 

Some of this stuff already has recipes on my blog. But if you would like a recipe for anything, just let me know :)

Speak soon lovelies  
L x

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