Monday, 25 August 2014

Getting Your Kitten Spayed

Well hello lovelies,

With all this stuff in the news recently around dead cats and just in general about cats going missing. I wanted to do a post on Pickles being spayed and why I choose to do it. 

The reason I choose to get her spayed at 8 months is basically I don't want her having kittens. There are enough homeless kittens and animals in this world without me creating more. 

Also if she went into heat, it could cause problems for my two male cats fighting with all the others that are looking for her. 

She is 8months and they generally go into heat starting at 6 months but I have never noticed it happening to her yet. So I'm quite glad of that. 

I also think she is just so small!! If she was to have kittens she would either die or not be able to look after the kittens and I have my hands full as it is lol. 

So I chose to have her chipped and snipped. At least that way she can now go outside and be safe. 

At my vets she went in at 9am and we signed a sheet to say we understood the risks and were happy for her to be put under for the op. We then got a phone call at 11.30am to tell us she was hunky dory and was starting to come round. We then picked her up at 2.30pm. I opted for extra pain killers for her as she would be sore and I also got a cone of shame lol in total it was £74.

To be honest, I gave her the pain killer once and I haven't used the cone of shame at all. She cleaned her little wound a bit when she got in but hasn't bothered with it since. 

Here she is on Saturday 
This here is her little tiny wound. 

Wee scone. But she is fine. I have been trying to stop her but it's hard to stop a cat from jumping. But there has been no sickness and her little wound is lovely pink and clean. 

I hope if any of you have kittens that you opt to get them spayed. It's just a lot better for the kitten and as I said, there's enough homeless animals in the world. 

If you have a cat it kitten you would like to get spayed or neutered and you can afford to do it yourself, I know the cat protection do it for you for free if you have taken in a stray. I'm sure also if you plead your case that you want it done but can't really afford it, they will help you out.  

Speak soon lovelies. 
L x

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