Saturday, 23 August 2014

Follow Us Around Saturday 23.08.14

Well hello lovelies,

Today was a weird day. I think it's because I'm off Monday as well so it's thrown every thing off. 

To start with Holly and I were up at 6am. I actually had to wake her up as I had to have everyone ready for 8.45am, as pickles was going in to get spayed. 

Here is the mess Holly gets in when she eats her breakfast. Nutella toast. 

Then it was time to get poor pickles to the vets. 

After we dropped her off we went to franky and bennies for breakfast and I can't say I was that impressed. I had poached eggs on toast and they were snotty eggs yuck. But hey ho. 

We then nipped into sport direction for mark to look at football boots and Holly was having fun with her ball. She was running round a stand chasing me lol

Then we went to Holly's fav shop......Toys r us!!! She was sitting up there in that slide and was waving bye to us!!

We got pickles home and she was fine. Probably a bit sore but she was ok, so I made her a little bed out of one of Holly's covers. 
She's still a bit sleepy but she will be fine.

Since pickles has a sore side we have had to leave the gates open as she normally squeezes through the bars. 

So holly has been having a ball running wild lol. Here she is with her ball she picked at the sports shop. 
Here she is escaping up the stairs.

Then I done the normal stuff like house work. Went up stairs to get some stuff and found this when I got back. 
I was tidying it all up and the ball pit didn't seem to be filling. Then I noticed, Holly was throwing them out the other side!!

Then it was bed time. Here is a sleepy Holly :)

Then it was PIZZA TIME!! With HOT SAUCE!!

Well I hope you have all had a good Saturday. 

Speak soon lovelies. 
L x

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