Tuesday, 12 August 2014


Well hello lovelies!!

As you all know I love to grow my own stuff. Either flowers or produce but I just loved the feeling when you have really nice flowers, veg or fruit at the end of the month and it was all you who grew it!!

So instead of buying compost next year, as it can be very expensive if you are getting the good stuff. I invested in a composter!! 

Basically it's a big tub which let's in a little light and lots of air. 

You can add fruit, veg, grass or hedge clippings. Tree clippings or animal waste as long as the animal is a herbivore. 

No meat, dairy products or animal waste which could have ate meats or dairy. 

So any time u cut the grass it all goes in there. Any time I clean the rabbits out, it all goes in there and I think it's working pretty well. 

Once a month I will stick a fork or rake in there and give it a rumble about. But next year when I'm ready to plant, I should have lovely rabbit manure compost to plant my stuff in. 

My dad has one as well. But he doesn't put animal waste in it as he only really has cats and lizards. So we will see if the rabbit manure makes any difference. 

Speak soon lovelies. 
L x

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