Friday, 11 July 2014

Toddler Chicken Curry Recipe

Well hello!!

Today I am going to do a chicken curry which is toddler friendly!!

As you all know, as a full time working mum I need quick and easy products to use. 

Here are my ingredients 

Here we have already diced chicken breast x2, 4 teaspoons of curry granules, rice and 250ml lf water

For the curry sauce I use this 

All you do is add 250ml of water. You can add as much really as you like. It all depends on how much curry sauce you need and how thick you like it. 

You will want to boil the kettle as hot water will devolve the curry granules quicker. Give it a mix and you have curry sauce. 
I like my quite think so it coats the rest of the ingredients. 

I cut my chicken up. Now you can use what ever you like chicken thigh, pre cut chicken breast and normal full chicken breast. I normally either use normal full chicken breast and cut up myself or I use the chicken strips. These are full breast. 

I will add 10ml of oil to my pan and let that heat up. Once it's heated I will put my chopped chicken in to it. You will know as it will sizzle if it's hot.  

If it doesn't sizzle don't worry. It  just take a couple of mins longer to cook. I cook this for about 15mins (once the juices have ran clear) and then turn it into a low heat. 

I haven't actually cooked any peas this time round. But you can add whatever veg you like. So here is how I would normally cook those. 

 I like to use frozen veg (see my post about frozen vs fresh veg) 

Handful of peas into a pot boiling water over the top, then cook for 5mins!! 

I know some people like the boil in a bag rice. But I normally just use the loose rice. Which ever you prefere. Cook in water for 5-7min then drain. I can never judge how much rice is right! I alway end up with lots more than I want. 

Add them all together and tadaaaaaa!! 
If there is stuff left over, I will tub it and freeze it for Holly's lunch during the week!! 

Hope you all liked. Don't forget to check it out on my YouTube channel. 
There will this week be a video up for this. But with everything that has happend this weekend I haven't had time to edit it yet :) 

Speak soon lovelies!! 
L x