Tuesday, 8 July 2014

RedBush Tea Review

Well hello!!

I was kindly sent 3 different types of the redbush tea to try.  
The flavours I have received were Original Rooibos, Citrus Rooibos and Chai Rooibos. 

I took these into my work with me as Liz, who I work along with is a total tea jenny. 

Original Rooibos - Both of us tried this one and I thought it was ok. I think i would prefer it with a lump of sugar but it's drinkable without. It basically tastes like tea without any sugar or milk. There is an after taste of something that makes your mouth feel minty and refreshed. I don't think it's mint though. 

Chai Rooibos - Again the both of us tried this one. I had never tasted anything chai before but I quite enjoyed this one. Chai has a distinct taste that doesn't taste like anything else. So I'm not sure how to explain it. But it was nice. 

Citrus Rooibos - I was the only one to taste this one and I liked this one best. Again I would probably like it more with a lump of sugar but!! I loved the citrus after taste. It was very refreshing. 

I would defo recommend all of them if you like healthy teas. But my fave by far is the citrus one. 

Speak soon lovelies 
L x 


  1. there's nothing like a nice cuppa, and we love trying out new flavours. the citrus tea does sound nice!


    1. Ive tried all the flavoured ones now and the citrus one is the best I've tasted.
      L x