Monday, 7 July 2014

Pickles Vet Update!!

Well hello!! 

Pickles was back at the vets on Friday to get her remaining booster shots. 
However to my annoyance she didn't get them. 

To start with they kept myself, Holly and the kitten in the waiting room for 35mins past our appointment time. Now I would totally understand if there had been an emergency, but no one was in!! It wasn't busy!!

Then when we finally got in, Holly was being a worm as she was starting to loose interest. You all know how kids are, even if you don't have any. They took pickles temperature and wouldn't give her the shots as it was high!! 

Yes it's high because she is stressed sitting in your waiting room for so long!!

So I need to go back this Friday to try again!! There will be issues if she doesn't get her boosters this week. 

On a brighter note. Here is Holly checking pickles is ok. 

Speak soon lovelies!! 
L x