Monday, 21 July 2014

Make Up Brushed And Beauty Blenders

Well Hello!! 

I've never been big on make up. Specially since I had Holly. I just didn't have time. 

However now that Holly is
Getting older, I do have some time when she naps. So I went out and got all these new brushes and blender things. 

When I used to put a full face of make up on it was just triangular sponges people used. Now we have all these fancy shaped ones lol. 

So the first thing I got was a Real Technics Beauty blender. 
I will be totally honest with you, after using this for a few weeks now. I do think that it applys your make up better than normal. I also think this is because you pat it on more than wipe it on with the other sponges. 

I use the flat end for applying my bb creams 

Then the pointed end for covering up spots with a concealer. 

These are the other brushes I got. I have no idea what their names lol. 

The main ones I use out of these are these 2
I use the little pointy one for applying eyeshadow to my crease then the fluffy one to blend out. 

I also occasionally use this one 

This I use for contouring my nose to look smaller lol

These purple and white ones are by UBU. I got these from Asda and I really like them. Even though they are relatively cheap. I haven't had any issues with hair falling out them yet. I do have a couple of expensive brushes from japan (can't remember the make ique maybe) anyway and I have lots of issues with the hair fall out those. 

So that's my make up brushes. If you are looking for some good quality relatively cheap ones. I suggest you look in Asda. 

Speak soon lovelies
L x


  1. I really want to try out the beauty blender. It sounds so good.

    Xx Anne

    1. They are the best I've tried. Plus it's quick :)