Saturday, 12 July 2014

Holly's First A&E Vist

Well hello!!

Today was suppose to be a toddler chicken curry video and blog. But last night we had an emergency!! 

Holly and I were in my room and she was playing with make up and I was putting away washing. 

She got up and walked into the toilet. Now normally in the toilet all she does is pick stuff up and bring it to me or make a little pile somewhere of it all. But the min I seen her walk through the door I put the stuff I was holding on the bed and went in after her. 

I reckon I was about 5 seconds behind her, if even that. When I got in she was eating one of the loo gel blocks that was inside the toilet. She had green all smeared round her mouth. 

I grabbed her and stuck my fingers in her mouth and pulled out a lump if it. But of course I didn't know how much she had actually ate. So I panicked and phoned my mum lol, now that I think about it. Why didn't I just take her straight to A&E? but I phoned my mum who told me to go to A&E.   

So we were in there from 9.30pm till 1am, and she was absolutely fine.Luckily there was nothing in it that would hurt her as it's just to freshen the toilet. She would just have a horrible taste in her mouth!! But they wanted to just be sure, so that's why it was 1am we left. 

So today she's fine no issues what so ever. But we will be heading to the shops to purchase a toilet lock!!! 

I never thought I needed it as in always keeping an eye on her. But it just goes to show that even a 5 second gap could be fatal! 

I wasn't sure if I was going to post about this or not, as I don't want everyone thinking I'm a bad mum for not looking after her properly. I do look after her and I have all the other safety stuff ie corners of the tables are all padded, plug covers in all the sockets, appliances in the kitchen all have curly wires and baby gates are up. But it just shows how quickly stuff can go wrong!! 

Here are some photos of her last night. I took them once I knew she was ok. 

Speak soon lovelies. 
L x


  1. I love your blog! Just followed you, would you please follow me back? :))

  2. Oh god how terrifying for you all! I'm so glad Holly's OK xxx

  3. It was so scary!! Thanks for reading :)

  4. Eeek I can't even imagine how scary this must've been! So glad your little one is okay! :)

    1. She's back to her normal little self :) thanks for reading :)