Sunday, 27 July 2014

Holly's 18 Month Update

Well hello

Holly is 18months today :)

I actually can't believe it. Feels like yesterday I was in the hospital with a tiny baby. 
Holly then. Her first ever photo. 
Holly now :) 

In our 18months. I have seen her crawl, walk, first words and much more. Everyday is a surprise with her. 

Today she made a mess on the floor and when I asked who done it, she went and got the baby wipes, pulled one out and started to wipe the floor!!

Yesterday I asked her to sniff the flower and she scrunched up her nose and sniffed!!

2 days ago she got her first proper dolly. An if asked to cuddle baby, she will run over and cuddle it. 

She can climb up onto the couch on her own and she can get off it on her own. She can climb the stairs and recently learnt to bump down them on her bum. She can give kisses when asked, she eats food that everyone else eats now and wave hello and goodbye!! 

The 18months of her life so far has been absolutely amazing. Even her first trip to A&E!! An I can't wait for the rest of her life to unfold in front of us. 

Speak soon lovelies 
L x


  1. She is so adorable little girl!!Keep in touch xoxo

  2. She is luring you into a false sense of security lol