Thursday, 10 July 2014

Cookie / S'mores Recipe

Well hello there!!!

Now being a working mummy I like to have easy options, and cooking or baking in this case is no different. Don't get me wrong in occasion I do bake from scratch like you will see in a another blog post. But for the most part, during the week I take the easy quick option. 

I decided to make cookies, then I found I had marshmallows and decided on s'mores!!! 
I have tried a lot of these premixed packs and this one with white chocolate chunks is my fav by far. You also get it with milk chocolate chunks. 
Basically all you do is add 10ml of water and mix till a dough is formed. If you need to add extra water that's fine. But just add a little at a time as you can't take it back out once it's in!!

These cookies were cooked at 200c for 12-15mins. I added the grease proof so that nothing sticks. I have non stick trays. But as always, everything sticks!!

So here we have the cooked cookie lol and I have placed two marshmallows and made in to a sort of cookie marshmallow sandwich. 
These were recooked for a total of 2mins in the oven at 200c fan assisted. 

Here is the lovely gooey heavenly result. 

These are quick and easy to make. Specially when you have a small person hanging from you leg lol 

Hope you all enjoy!! 

Speak soon lovelies
L x


  1. yummy i should try these sometimes :) I am back now :) xx

  2. yummy!This sounds so good!
    love your blog:))

    Antonella <3