Saturday, 5 July 2014

Chicken Tikka Masala Recipe

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I have a book that I call my black book of recipes. Even though it's not black lol, but any recipes I have made from scratch I put into my book.
In here I have a Tikka Masala recipe that I made for Mark a few months ago, along with some baking recipes and bread recipes. 

Here we have the ingredient. 
1. chopped chicken. 
2. 1 jar of red curry paste.
3. 20ml of veg oil
4. 3 crushed garlic cloves 
5. 1 diced red chilli
6. 1 tin (400g) of chopped tomatoes 
7. 300g (1 tub) of double cream 
8. 3 teaspoons of paprika 
9. 3 teaspoons of cumin seeds 
10. Pepper and salt 

To prepare the chicken
- add 10ml of oil to a pan and heat. Once hot add in your chicken. Once is has sealed and started to char, mix in the curry paste and turn to a low heat to finish cooking. This should take about 15mins to cook. 

To prepare the sauce. 
- add the rest of the oil into a pan and heat until hot. Add in the chillies and garlic. Cook until chillies are soft. 
- once they are soft add in the chopped tomatoes, paprika, cumin seeds and double cream.

 Cook for 10mins. You will see the colour starting to turn orange. Once this happends it's ready. 
Lastly add in your cooked chicken and season with pepper and salt. 

I then cooked the rice. I like to use loose rice. I know some people like the cook in a bag, totally up to yourself. 

Here is my finished plate. 
Mark liked it soooo I suppose now it just up to you all to try it and let me know what you think 

Speak soon lovelies 
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  2. Wonderful post,dear!
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