Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Caring For A Great African Snail

Well hello!!

Yes I know kind of a weird pet to have. They were selling them in my local pet shop for £5.00 with a starter kit. So I thought why not lol
Here is pete. He is just strating to wake up after I cleaned him out. 

First here is the substrate I use. It's called plantation and this is just compacted dirt. This was a pack of 4 blocks and it was £6.45. You do get singles but all my reptials use this, so it made sence to get the big pack. 

Since it's been hot recently and pete likes his cage damp. Mould had started to grow in his cage. Normally once a month is fine to clean him out. However since it's been hot I've had to clean him about 3 times a month due to mould. 
While I am cleaning all that dirt out his cage, I already have a block seeping in water to break it up. This can take ages if you need the full block. However I only need half. For a full block it can take up to an hour to fully break down. 

Once it's broke down I will use about half of it and just sprinkle it about his cage. He likes it quite deep so he can burry himself in it. 

Here he is all nice and clean. 

He gets fed once a day. All the old salad removed and new salad put in. He has a cutle shell for calcium to make his shell healthy, or you can put calcium dust on his food. 

Him and the full cage will also get sprayed with water until the soul is damp. If you don't keep him damp he seal himself off and go to sleep. Don't you wish you could do that?? I do!!

He also has a heat pad which I use during the winter. As again if he gets too cold he will seal himself up and sleep. 

Also twice a week he gets a bath in luke warm water. This helps him to poo once he's back in his cage, this is also when he drinks. He takes a lot of water in from the veg. But you can see him drinking the water when it's running on him. Make sure it's luke warm though. You don't want a cooked snail!!!

An that's all there is too him. Not much care at all. Holly doesn't get to handle him yet, as he can carry bugs that I don't want her exposed to yet but she loves to look at him through the cage! 

Hope you enjoyed. 
Speak soon lovelies 
L x

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