Sunday, 20 July 2014

BB Witch Cream Review

Well hello!!

I have had really clear skin recently and I give all credit to my BB cream. 
It is Witch, which if I remember correctly it was the first ever spot face wash I bought when I was younger. So when I seen they had a BB cream I bought it!! 

It is Witch so it has the spot fighting ingredient sacilic acid which works all day while it's on. 

As usual I am a pale shade of blue. Even in the heat and sun we are having in Scotland at the moment. So I use the light colour. 
There are darker colours out there you can use but it all just depends on your preference and skin tone. 

I feel it has a light to medium coverage. I normally use this the. Use a concealer for the bits I want to cover up. But it gives enough coverage to even out the skin tone. 

I recommend that you all check it out. Use it for a month and let me know what you think. 

Speak soon lovelies  
L x

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