Tuesday, 15 July 2014

A Working Mummy's Daily Routine

Well Hello!! 

Today I'm going to do a post on what my daily routine is. 

My day starts at 6am (even though my alarm rings first at 5.30am lol) 

Then it's time to roll out of bed and get ready. I don't have breakfast at home. If I Did I'd need to be up at 5.30am lol. So it's just hair, makeup, dressed check on Holly 

Then out the door for work. Normally by this time it's 6.50am. Luckily I only stay 5mins away from work lol

Into work and obv first thing is first. Breakfast. This can range from toasted roll on cheese or fruit but today I had fruit. 

Then it's work time :( I put a sad face but I do love my work. Just not the getting up and waking up part haha. 

I work as a QA (quality assurance) for a food retailer and I get to taste loooooots of products. Ranging from fruit to pizza to ice cream and back to chilled desserts again. So basically I am fat to save all you people out there and to make sure your food is safe!! Lol it's great. 

So it's lunch time and I have had this. 
Hot n spicy chicken wrap and 2 chilli riveta and cheese.  

So I start at 7am and I finish at 3pm WOOHOOO

Once I'm in it's normally about 3.15 and it's housework time. Don't get me wrong, I don't need to do much as mark does a lot of it. But I need to feed and check all the animals again, do washing and collect up my ironing. I then need to get Holly's stuff sorted just blanket and mousy and go pick her up!!

Now on a Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday we head to my mums. 

So we play, have dinner and Holly baths there. 
Holly had mash potato, gravy, cauliflower and broccoli cheese :)

Then holly will have her bottle and we will head home. Holly will normally fall fast asleep in the car. 

Once in Holly goes to bed and I start to get tomorrow stuff ready. Pack Holly's bag, make marks lunch and check all the animals again. 

After all that I sit down and start my blog stuff. Check some of Facebook and Twitter, then start to make marks dinner while watching my YouTube videos!! 

I was going to put a pic of marks dinner here but he was working till 12am by which point I was making huge z's!

Mark will come home about 10.45pm. I will have a little chat with him while finishing my blog stuff then at 12am it's off to bed. Ready to start the day all over again :) (this is normally what would happen. But as I said he worked till 12am)

Hope you all enjoyed. Let me know what your days are like. 

Speak soon lovelies.  
L x

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  1. This was helpful! Thank's for posting it! :)