Friday, 4 July 2014

A Disney Wedding!!

Mark proposed Christmas Day 2013 
Ever since we have argued about what we want. 

Mark what's a big either church wedding or castle wedding, with lots of music, photos and guests. 

I want to go away on holiday with my mum, dad, the kids and him (really I just need a cut out of him and a recording of his voice lol) and get married there. Then when we come back have a reception. 

I mean what type of man cares about the wedding lol he has too much opinion!! Lol

7 months later we still haven't compromised on what to do lol. I will get my way though. Let's face it. It's my day lol he just has to attend. 

So even though there won't be a huge wedding, I still want a wedding dress for the reception!!! So I found the Disney blog Happyily Ever After and I found a link for Disney inspired dresses!!!!

Here are my picks!! 
Cinderella inspired!! 
Repunzle inspired!
Another Repunzle inspired one. I love the veil/cape!!

The only problem with these are I have no boobs!! Lol so trying to hold these up could be a small problem!! 

But here is my most fav so far!!
Snow White inspired. 1. It's has straps!! And 2. It has a cape/veil!! 

I just love this sooooo much. 

Did any of you have problems picking a wedding?? And what dress type did you go for?? 

Speak soon lovelies! 
L x


  1. snow white :D

    Wow your blog is amazing

    I love the pictures and the design of your blog

    I have just uploaded a blog post it would be amazing if you was to check it out and leave a comment

    thank you so much :)

    1. No problem. Thanks for reading :)

  2. LOVE all those dresses! You can always add straps or cap sleeve easily to sleeveless dress if you're concerned with it not staying up :)

    1. That would be great. I didn't know how easy that would be. :)