Friday, 27 June 2014

Yet Another Vet Visit

I think all of the animals in our family are broken lol

First it was pickles at the vets for her vacs. Then it was Crocket for his nails. Now it's my mums cats Jackson and coco. To be fair theirs was worse than mine a lot worse!! 

Jackson wasn't acting hiself. Didn't want to go out and wasn't really eating and Jackson loves his food!! So a small lump appeared in his face at his lower jaw on Wednesday night and by Thursday, the whole side of his face was huge. 

So long story short we took him to the vets and he had been bit by another cat and it had abscessed. So it got lanced, he got antibiotics and pain killers. 

The next day he was fine but coco was limping. Looked at his paw and it was twice the size of usual. Back to the vets!

He had been bit too!!! Only in the paw and the side of his pad had burst open. Honestly. Everyone is fine now. Coco wound was lovely and clean when the vet looked at it, and they decided to just keep an eye on it and give him painkiller if he needed it. So there is a bully cat going about my mum and dad's street!! 
This here is Jackson. He is a tabby with white patches and had medium length hair. 
This here is coco. Most skittish cat award would go to him. I have no idea how he would even get into a fight!! 

Speak soon lovelies 
L x

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