Saturday, 7 June 2014

Wedding Blog!!

YES!! I am engaged lol Mark decided to keep me at Christmas lol. Decided not to trade me in for a younger model lol

Wooooo picked it all on his own. Bit done good lol. So it's white gold with 21 diamonds in it. Very sparkly!! 

So we can't decide on what we actually want lol. Mark wants a big wedding with churches and receptions and lots of food and people. I want to go on holiday with the kids, my mum and dad and get married there. Then come home and have a reception.  An we won't agree. So until that's sorted, we won't be getting married lol. 

But even though I don't want a big wedding, doesn't mean I can't look lol 

Here are some pics I have seen that I like. 
Such a good idea!!
Such an awesome cake!!!
Such a nice center piece. 
These are just some of the pics I like I have taken off Facebook for my wedding book. 

Thanks for reading :) 
L x

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