Sunday, 22 June 2014

The Chill Out Jar

I can sometimes be quite a stressed out person, and of course that effects my mood and also others around me. 

So when I feel like I have too much to do and I'm feeling like everything is just getting ontop of me. This is what I have started to use to calm me down. 

I actually seen this for naughty children lol but hey it works. 

First you need a jar, food colouring of your choice, glitter colour of your choice and water

Here I have filled the jar with water nearly right to the top. Put two drops of food colouring in and gave it a mix. You can choice how dark or light your colour is just by adjusting the amount of food colouring. Then I emptied some glitter into it. 

Screw your lid on tight and give it a shake. 

This take about 10mins to totally settle. When I feel like having a total breakdown, I simply give it a shake and while it settling. Create a list in my head of what needs done, what is important for that day and in what order it's gonna get done. 

This I found on Pinterest I think, and it was for naughty children to sit and calm down with. I will defo be trying it on Holly when she's old enough. But for now, it's mine :) 

Hope this helps if your a anxious or stressed person. 

Speak soon :) 

L x


  1. its so cool since you can have different colours too!

    1. It's great, you do what ever you want with it. Even add in some of that confetti shaped stuff. :)

  2. Oh this is such a good idea, I haven't seen this before. I might have to make one myself to keep by my desk!

    1. It's great. I find it soooo helpful :)