Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Teddies From The Loft

I'm sure everyone is the same in this. My mum and dad still have all my old toys and teddies in the loft from when I was a baby/kid. So I though let's get them all down and sort through them.

Holly now has her own room at my mum and dad's so let split it between the two rooms. 

I think there is about 12 black bags of just teddies. So far we have done 5 and I remember every single teddy that came out of those bags. We even found an old teddy night light that's eyes would glow. Now thinking about it. It was kind of creepy with glowing eyes in the dark. But you don't think of that as a kid!! 

We had to wash them all. As they have been in the loft for a fair few years lol so they had a moldy smell to them. But now they smell and look lovely and Holly loves them!! What else could I ask for :)

I like the thought that she like to play with some of my vintage toys. Eventually I'm hoping to get my old cabbage patch kids down and my old dolls house. 
Here are some of them that I haven't found a home in her room for yet. 
Here are some others lol. Not really found a place yet either!! 

Speak soon 
L x