Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Sweet Chilli and Orange Chicken Recipe

It is Wednesday already guys!! Where has this week actually went. I have been slacking big time and I'm awful sorry. I have no idea what's happend. I'm all out of routine this week!! 

Here is my sweet chilli and orange chicken recipe. I made this at work just as an experiment as I had ran out of lemon and it turned out really nice. 

This is my finished recipe. 
I used already cooked frozen chicken. So basically all I was doing was defrosting it and cooking it. But you can use fresh as well. That would probably actually be better as you could make this sauce up as a marinade and leave it in the fridge over nigh. 

But all I don't was at some sweet chilli sauce into my pan along with the juice of one full orange. I added the chicken and put it on mark 4 on the ring. That way it would defrost and cook nicely all at the same time. 

It took about 15-20mins to finish and by that point all the sauce has with absorbed into the chicken or the remaining has went all gooey and sticky. 

Quick and easy recipe. Goes well with salad greens. 

Speak soon 
L x


  1. oh wow, such a fast recipe, I wanna try. I love sweet chili sauce and sweet 'n sour.

    1. It is super easy and it's nice with rice or in a salad :) super easy is good when you have a kid hanging from your leg lol :)