Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Scam ITunes Apps

I never knew this but, last Christmas I down loaded a piano app onto my iPad. Basically you pick a song and then hit the wee dots as they fall to play the song. I'm sure you all know which one I'm on about!!

I payed £1.99 (which I was lead to believe was a one off payment) so I could unlock all the songs instead of just the rubbish ones. 

Do you know they are still taking the money off me every month!!! I was looking at the bank last night and though what's that £1.99?? It's that stupid app. 

Now I know everyone will be like Lisa it's only £1.99. But for an app that I don't actually use! An for an app that I was lead to believe that it was a one off payment!! 

Plus when your trying to save like a maniac (that's another post :) ) for a good reason every £1.99 counts. That's £13.93 I could have put towards that special thing!! 

It's just soo annoying! And to top it all off, I still haven't figured out how to stop it coming off! 

I hope none of you get caught out with one of these scam apps!! 

Speak soon 
L x

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