Saturday, 14 June 2014

Saturday 14th Follow Me Around

Today was a busy day!! I need an extra day at the weekend to have a rest I think!!  

First off it was tidying the house!! For only two people and a baby it gets so untidy everyday!!! 
I think the cats have a party while I'm sleeping. No way did I leave this mess!! 
My pjs and slippers. I'm dressed like this till I have all the house work done. 

Then it was brekkie time. I had a yoghurt, Holly had toast and mark had this 
Sausage and egg piece!!! Yum! I couldn't  have one though as I'm trying to diet. 

Then I found a cheety cat stalking the squirrels outside. 

Then it was shower time and down to the local shops to get some fathers day stuff.  The place was so busy. Try to remember myself to be more organised.   

Then it was rockets turn at the vets. He just needed a toenail clipping nothing major. 

Then it was back home to give Holly some food and off to my mums. Here are some pictures of her today. 
She had a great time going about outside. She is wearing a bib just now as she has big teeth at the back coming through. So she slevers a lot!! 

After all this holly was sooo tired, that she fell asleep in the car and didn't even wake up when I took her out and put her in her bed!!! 

I hope you all enjoyed 

Speak soon
L x

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