Sunday, 15 June 2014

Our Week In Photos 9th of June - 13th June 14

Nothing huge that I can think of this week happend. Holly is walking with a lot more confidence now. She has some huge teeth at the back coming in and that's nearly them all through!!! I can't actually believe I have a toddler now and not a baby!!! 

Monday- Mark took this amazing photo of Holly on our bed. What it doesn't show you is the wrecked windows sill behind her!!! 
Tuesday- Holly was just chilling at granny's in her chair :) 

Wednesday- I found these little beauty's sleeping together. Cheety cat very rarely sleeps with pickles as she is a pain lol. 
Thursday- Holly had some more fun outside in the sun. 
Friday- Again it was another warm day. So Holly had her little dress on and she was sitting squishing her feet in the grass :) 
Saturday- where do I even start lol. She goes to grans all pretty, and leave like a total unloved, un looked after child!! Lol

Sunday- With it being Father's Day, I went to my mum and dad's. An this was her on her way home. Totally pooped again!! Lol

I hope u all had a great weekend!! 

Speak soon 
L x


  1. Wow Holly is getting bigger! Next thing you know, you'll be chasing her around everywhere!
    She looks beautiful and I love her purple dress ;)


    1. I know it's so tiring now lol :)