Sunday, 22 June 2014

Our Week In Photos. 16th-22ndJune

No real huge milestones this week. Holly's confidence in walking is still growing. She can go in and out doors now on her own. She knows to put what ever she is carrying out first, then follow it out. 

Monday- I was cooking and mark was cutting the grass. So we couldn't leave Holly to wander on her own. So I gave her juice, food and some toys inside the rabbit pen :) 

Tuesday- Holly being a diva with her sunglasses at the child minders. 

Wednesday- I thought this was a cute idea for tattooes lol 

Thursday- My mum, Holly and I went out for dinner and this was on the back of chairs, haha she hates stuff on her head. This pic took ages to get lol

Saturday- My new food obsession. Baked potatoe with mashed butternut squash and carrot inside, and couscous on the side mmmmmmm

Sunday- playtime at the park :) on a big round swing. 

So that is it this week folks. I hope yous are all good and had a great weekend. 

Speak soon
L x

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