Thursday, 26 June 2014

My Top Program's

I don't get much time to myself. Let's face it when you work full time, have a 1 year old to look after and have a house to run. You don't get much time to yourself. I normally don't sit down till between 10.30pm and 11pm. An that's on a good day!!

So when I do get to sit down, here are some if the program's that I like to watch when they are on. 

1. Walking dead - when I thought the little girl was gonna kill baby Judith!! I can't even describe my feelings lol
2. The vampire diaries or TVD - it's been a while since I watches this. After having Holly I lost touch with a lot of program's. But I have been catching up and I remember why I love it. 
3. Dracula - I misses this when It was actually airing. But I can catch up on demand. I like how this is more about him (Dracula) having an addiction. Rather than the normal vampire program. 
4. True Blood- I got a bit bored with this a few seasons ago. Then when I found out this was it's last season, I decided to watch again and I'm hooked all over again. 
5. Prison break- I hate to admit it. But I'm really enjoying this program lol. This was a mark program and I had a small hissy fit, as I wasn't going to be able to watch my program's lol but I actually quite like it!!
6. Star Crossed- I really like this program. I like how instead of a normal teen drama it's more like trying to highlight discrimination between cultures. Thought that was a nice touch. 

Haha do you see a link between all of these?? Lol

When I was younger I absolutely loved Buffy and Angel to the point of obsession. An let me tell you all a secret.....I have all the series of Buffy and Angel on DVD!! :D 

Speak soon lovelies :)

L x

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