Saturday, 14 June 2014

Meal Plans

I used to just wing it when I went food shopping. Then we had Holly and when you have a kid, money gets tighter.  So I started these meal plans. These are just sample one of what I would do. 

I have two different types of meal plans. One quick one and one long one. All depends how much time I have and how tired I am!! 
This is my long one. This is just one day lol so I need a huge book to do them in. I will have what who's having for dinner and lunches. I always try to make things I can give them for the next couple of days for lunch as well. I then have a shopping list at the bottom so I know whati need to get. 
This is my short version. I do prefer to do the long one but some nights I'm just to tired. So I do this one. This is just a shortens version again, with who gets what. 

I hope this helped anyone having an issues with shopping. 

Speak soon
L x

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